Douglas Peruski: The Square Peg Players

Douglas Peruski is a co-founder of the theatrical troupe The Square Peg Players, a wildly popular theatre troupe based in Duluth, Georgia. He founded the group five years ago, shortly after graduating from the University of Georgia, where he earned degrees in Theatre Arts and Computer Science.

But now, says Douglas Peruski, he and the Square Peg Players have become big fish in a small pond, and he has announced plans to pull up stakes and move the operation to New York. The move is expected to come no later than the spring of 2015, after the Square Peg Player’s current production, Thomas Forsythe’s No Rights Reserved, ends its Duluth run.

Douglas Peruski (6)

There are only five actors working with the Square Peg Players on a regular basis, Douglas Peruski says. “And that includes me, Tom, and Tom’s wife Angela.” The other regulars are Allyson Fielder and Brian Sugarman. Fielder and Sugarman are not making the move to New York. Douglas Peruski says that once they are in the Big Apple, the remaining three members of the Square Peg Players will stage Forsythe’s new play Elastic Magnet at a venue he has already contracted with. He describes the theatre as “off-off-off-off and really way off Broadway.” He and Forsythe will cast the play soon after arriving, and hope to find several who can replace Fielder and Sugarman.

The announcement of the future of the Square Peg Players took the local theatre community by surprise, and the response has been surprising. Douglas Peruski says he has been inundated with requests to reconsider his decision. But he says that as much as he would like to, he needs to try New York because it is the center of the theatre world.


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