Douglas Peruski: Doug the Dog

Douglas Peruski is an actor from Duluth, Georgia. He received a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Georgia, where he also earned a degree in Computer Sciences.

For the last five years, Douglas Peruski has devoted most of his time and energy to operating The Square Peg Players, a theatre troupe he co-founded with the playwright Thomas Forsythe and several others. But he has also combined his computer and artistic skills to create an animated character he named Doug the Dog.

Douglas Peruski

Douglas Peruski

Doug the Dog, says his creator, is a feisty canine who interacts as an equal with the human world. Douglas Peruski has produced about twenty-five three minute Doug the Dog episodes using movie software that came bundled on his computer. He has uploaded most of the episodes to YouTube and they have earned him a small but loyal following.

One of the segments, called “Doug Takes the Cake,” received ten thousand hits over the first week it was available. “I know that isn’t exactly viral, but it surprised me that so many people watched it,” Douglas Peruski said. He said that in many ways, Doug the Dog is his alter ego. “He’s a lot braver than I am, though.”

Douglas Peruski announced recently that he is relocating The Square Peg Players to New York. He also announced that he has been cast in a new production of West Side Story. He auditioned for the part of Tony, which he says is the part he really wanted, but was thrilled to be cast as Diesel, a member of the Jets street gang.


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