Douglas Peruski: From KSU to UGA

Douglas Peruski is a product of the University of Georgia, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts, and an Associates degree in Computer Science.

He began his studies at Kennesaw State University, the third-largest university in Georgia, where he studied acting. “My drama teacher at Peachtree Ridge recommended KSU,” Douglas Peruski says, referring to his high school. “She said it had a really good drama department.” And it does; Douglas Peruski says that he learned a lot while he was there. Nevertheless he transferred to the University of Georgia at the end of his second year.

Douglas Peruski

Douglas Peruski

“I really grew to like KSU,” Douglas Peruski says now. “But sometimes situations force your hand.”

As a student enrolled in classes at UGA’s Department of Theatre and Film Studies, Douglas Peruski threw himself into everything the department had to offer. His courses included Fundamentals of Theatrical Design, Issues of Contemporary Theatre, Theatre History I & II, and Theatre Laboratory.

Douglas Peruski says he loved every minute of it, and says he really grew from the experience. “That’s when a career in Theatre first seemed really viable to me,” he says. “I could feel it. I learned so much there and internalized it all. The experience was one-of-a-kind, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Today, Douglas Peruski is the Artistic Director of the Square Peg Players, which he describes as a conventional/improvisational theatre troupe based in his hometown, Duluth, Georgia. He co-founded the Square Peg Players with playwright Thomas Forsythe after resigning from his job at NCR.


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