Douglas Peruski: Waiting Tables, Again

Douglas Peruski is a determined young man who says that his days of waiting tables at Achilles, a Greek restaurant in his hometown of Duluth, Georgia, are numbered.

Douglas Peruski is an aspiring actor. He has been involved with the theatre at different levels ever since he was a freshman in high school, when he got his first taste of acting. With the encouragement of a favorite teacher who mentored the aspiring young actor, Douglas Peruski enrolled in Kennesaw State University, the third largest university in Georgia. He stayed there for two years and got exposed to elements of the theatre that went much deeper than anything he had experienced in high school.

Douglas Peruski

Douglas Peruski

But it wasn’t enough, and after two years, Douglas Peruski transferred to the University of Georgia, which boasts an even better drama department than the one at KSU. It was at UGA that Douglas Peruski had an experience that made a deep impression on the developing actor. “It was in Fundamentals of Play Direction, a required course for drama majors. I had to produce and direct a play. The whole thing was up to me – I even had to cast the actors.” Douglas Peruski selected Fourteen Miles Home, a one-act play by the Irish playwright, Fearchar Flan. “We rehearsed for two months. Then the curtain went up.” Douglas Peruski received an A for that production, and says that being solely responsible for an entire production was one of the greatest learning experiences he had in the theatre.

Now, after some success in the Duluth area, Douglas Peruski is ready to take on New York. He says it is the next logical step for someone who wants to make a career in the theatre, and he is determined to make a go of it. “I’ll probably end up waiting tables again,” he says. “But that’s what out of work actors do, right?”


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