Douglas Peruski: Admires W.C. Fields

Douglas Peruski is an actor who currently lives and works in Duluth, Minnesota. He is committed to becoming a successful actor, although he knows it is a highly competitive, and sometimes ruthless profession.

As an actor, Douglas Peruski says he has modeled his style on some of the all-time screen greats, like Marlon Brando and Alec Guiness. But one of his real inspirations, he says, has been the comedian W.C. Fields.

“He was an amazing guy,” Douglas Peruski says. “I mean, even before I got into acting, I liked W.C. Fields. He overcame an awful, awful childhood and became this huge star. I think people remember him for acting like a drunk, and for that weird drawl that is so easy to imitate. But he was much more than that – really a complete entertainer.”

Douglas Peruski

Douglas Peruski

Douglas Peruski currently waits on tables to make ends meet, but he spends every spare minute away from work in developing his own career. He has appeared in many local productions, including Not Again! and Mirror Image. He has also been in a series of local TV commercials, including a memorable spot for an appliance store, where his phrase “My clothes are still dirty!” became a popular catch-line.

Douglas Peruski studied acting at Kennesaw State University and the University of Georgia, where he graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts. Although he loves his life in Duluth, he says he is making plans to relocate to New York in the near future, to further his career as an actor.


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